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Glass Pocket Doors

What to know about Glass Pocket Doors

The glass pocket door enhances the appearance of the space and it also provides easy function. It is usually made up of quality workmanship and...

Front Door

Inspiration for decorating your front door

The front door of the house is the first thing that the visitors notice. By adding some of the special decorative touches to this area you can make a...

Bathroom Pocket Door

How to choose the right bathroom pocket door

Doors are used at the entry point of a room or the house. Originally, doors were meant to control the entry and exit of people in the house. In the...

French Door Basics

French Door Design 101 – A Basic Guide

Interestingly, French doors are also called French windows. In simple terms, French doors come in varying lengths, and comprise of different panels...

Sliding Barn Door3

New Designs for Sliding Barn Doors

In the house, doors are less given attention compared to other features around. Nevertheless, with the contemporary door designs, you might find them...