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The 5 Best Patio Door Curtains in 2015

Thursday, 2 April 2015, 14:19 | CURTAIN FOR DOORS, Door Curtains | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Besides paint, curtains make the biggest change in our rooms. Fitting your home with the best patio door curtains bring touch of color and class to your doors and windows. They deliver the perfect makeover to these otherwise commonly overlooked spaces. A house, well designed and decorated with beautiful curtains, makes us feel homey and love to stay indoors every time we want. However, at times, we find it so troublesome selecting the right inside design. This often makes it hard for us to invest wisely in our patio door curtain dA?cor. For this reason, whether youa??re looking to decorate your new patio door or revamp an existing one, this article brings you the five best patio door curtains. The list has been compiled based on desired function, quality and design of rods and tiebacks, as well as the design of pelmets and valances.

1. Thermalogic (TM) Prelude Insulated Panel Track Set

Thermalogic (TM) Prelude Insulated Panel Door Curtains

This is a sophisticated, smartly designed and aluminum-insulated patio door curtain featuring a head rail that can draw from either right or left. The weighted bottom hem provides nice even hanging. Measuring 84 inches in length, the curtains are designed to protect your inside carpets and furniture from fading and reduce outside noise and intense heat while helping you save on utility bills. Their width ranges from 45 to 78 inches. They are easy to install and removable for washing.


2. Cornwall Pinch Pleat Thermal Room Darkening

This set of curtains is made of heavyweight 100 percent polyester. They are dainty and beautiful and designed with a soft feel and a smooth draping effect. They are designed to decorate your window with a pretty Jacobean floral print featuring a wide array of colors. The thermal insulation cuts heating and cooling costs, while its pinch-pleat style gives your room the classy look it deserves.

Crosby Pinch Thermal Room Darkening Door Curtains

3. Crosby Pinch Thermal Room Darkening

This curtain come in a variety of popular decorating solid colors and woven polyester fitted with an acrylic foam backing for an improved room darkening and insulating qualities. The heavyweight polyester has a soft texture and smooth draping effect. During winter, the thermal insulated curtains hold drafts, helping hold in heat while keeping cold out. It measures 96 inches in length and 84 inches in width.

Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

4. Eclipse Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

Eclipse Thermal Blackout patio door curtains feature heavyweight polyester designed to block light, reduce noise and provide thermal efficiencies so you dona??t have to spend much on home heating and cooling costs. Their stylish designs featuring solid, beautifully decorative colors are suitable for use in the living room, bedroom or dining room. During the summer, they keep intense sunrays from penetrating while during winter, they help keep warm air from escaping.


5. Artisan Box Pleated Patio Panel

Last on our list of best patio door curtains is the Artisan Box Pleated Patio Panel. The polyester-textured Artisan Box Pleated has a solid color and an elegant pleat design adored by a fabric covered button. This beautiful faux silk box curtain also includes a state-of-the-art attachable pull-wand mechanism for easy movement, subtle coloring for compliment with every dA?cor, and unique 4 back tabs for easy sliding.

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