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A comparison of French Doors Interior

Thursday, 31 July 2014, 6:17 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Doors are one of the most neglected pieces of furniture in our homes and yet we spend a fortune in renovating our homes with new furniture. We interact with our doors so frequently that if we change them, we will immediately notice the difference it makes to our home. One interesting suggestion is to install French doors interior in your home because they look remarkably different and unique. Consider having One Lite French doors, which have a single window with a large piece of glass. It allows light to enter and works equally well as a door. They also work fine for offices where you need to observe if the room is occupied or if the activity is relevant to you. These are particularly common for classrooms or conference rooms too. It does not mean you cannot use it for your home rather you just need to be creative.

French door interior style

There is another kind of French doors interior that are called Five Lite French doors. These doors look nice and elegant for any formal setting. You will notice these in hotels and those rooms to project a larger room. They have five rows of glass windows, which brings their name. Each row of glass is separated by mullions and you can decide which design you would like. These work great as double doors. You can use these as glass sliding doors as well.

French door interior design

Another kind of French doors interior is called Ten lite French doors. These doors have ten windows of glass separated by mullions. They are ideal for larger doors when you need to seem more that is inside and show its aesthetics well. You can choose the kind of glass you need to control the privacy in the room. Some people prefer to have tinted glasses that not only improves privacy but also looks good. As you will browse through any store, you will see more of the French doors that come in more varieties and designs of windows.

French door interior curtains

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