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Closet Sliding Doors Ideas

Thursday, 4 April 2013, 9:54 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Ariya

Closet sliding doors appears as on kind of closet doors beside folding or bi fold closet and mirrored closet door. Sliding doors appears with different design and style especially in the door system. Door system refer to the technique how we open the door. From the word ” Sliding ” you might already know that this kind of closet door have sliding system door which is mean that in opening the door you have to slide the door. Some experts said that sliding closet doors considered as innovative one in terms of door system.

Closet Door Sliding Trend

The ideas in designing closet sliding doorsA?perhaps adapted from traditional door style in Japan because in Japan’s traditional door. Japanese people use sliding door for their home. You might probably knew or see may be from movie or review related to the home of A?Japan. Japanese homes are mostly use sliding closet door. This ideas may inspired some designer to make a sliding closet door. Recently you will see various kinds of sliding closet. You will see various designs and color. Start from classic design until modern design.

Closet Door Sliding 2013

You can choose as you like it. You can install it at your home in every room but considering the door system is sliding technique then it is better for you not to install t as front door. Since that the system door is sliding, so from the secure aspect closet sliding doors are less secure as front door.So you can install it may in your living room, bad room or maybe bath room. In short sliding closet door is one of innovative closet doors which is have sliding door system. You don’t have to pull or push just slide it.

Classic Closet Door Sliding

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