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How to choose the right bathroom pocket door

Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 10:20 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Doors are used at the entry point of a room or the house. Originally, doors were meant to control the entry and exit of people in the house. In the recent times, the doors have been used in more than just mere entry point or security. People use doors to act as a part of the house dA?cor. There are several types of doors, which vary from the normal hinged-type door. There are doors that are specifically meant for some areas or rooms in the house. Every room has a type of door that will perfectly fit in there. One of the common doors used in the house specifically for certain rooms in the house is the bathroom pocket doors.

Bathroom Pocket Door
The Pocket Doors
These types of doors are super unique, they have a different mechanism, and they will mostly be different in appearance. These doors are called the pocket doors because they will basically get inside the wall and out. They work by pushing them sideways, then they get inside the wall. However, they are somewhat detailed when installing them. The contractor will be needed to dig in the wall, the size that will fit the door. When the space is engraved inside the wall, then some ball bearings, or tiny wheels will be fitted along with a rail.
They will have a knob to push, and in case you will need to lock with a key. For the sake of privacy and security.

Benefits Of Bathroom Pocket Doors
There are many advantages of using these kinds of doors. Here are some benefits of using the pocket doors in your bathroom;
a?? Saves on space. With these doors, they will slide inside the wall, rather than swinging into the room. That allows you to place more items in the bathroom.
a?? Safer. These doors are also safer compared the hinged-type door. With the hinge type, it could knock someone when they are opening it. The pocket doors will simply slide inside the wall, making it safer.
a?? Allows easy flow of traffic. With these doors, when it is open, you can easily pass through, without causing any distractions when passing through.

Bathroom Pocket Door2

Choosing The Pocket Doors For Your Bathroom
It is beneficial to use the pocket doors in your bathroom, but you need to find the right type of door to use there. Here are some things you will need to consider when choosing the pocket doors for your bathroom;
a?? Size of the door. You must find a door that will fit well inside your wall. The width, height and length of the door must be considered.
a?? Type of the door. You can choose a number of doors for your bathroom, but the glass type is the most commonly used in bathrooms. Whichever, ensure that you choose wisely.
a?? The Color of the door. If you are going for the wooden door, make sure you choose one with the matching color with your bathroom dA?cor.

Generally, bathroom pocket doors make your bathroom look elegant, it will limit the accidents, and it will help to save the space. It has a unique design, which makes it a great choice to use in your bathroom.

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