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How to do a pocket door installation for your home

Thursday, 24 July 2014, 23:55 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Interior decoration today is loaded with choices for us, and when we look at magazines, we are extremely tempted to take those choices. However, these magazines follow a simple trick, which is that they always use a tailored room for a specific environment. You will often notice homes located in greener countries with temperate climates to have homes with wooden interiors. Almost every kind of furniture you see in those homes are made of wood as opposed to a form of plastic or metal. Another trick is that they use some intelligent ways to make use of space in their homes. A pocket door installation is one of the ways architects and interior designers use to improve the appeal of a model home.

pock door installation 2014

To do a pocket door installation, you first need to observe how it can be used your rooms. Sometimes small bi-fold doors do a great job is saving space but they are not suitable for rooms with smaller dimensions. Secondly, to install a pocket door you will have to remove at least one side of a wall to install the bearings and the brackets to hold the door. For this, you will have to choose one side of a wall that you can afford to cut and replace. Once you have chosen the side of the wall, you need some tools to surgically cut the wall deep enough to make space for the pocket door.

pock door installation type

After cutting one side of the wall, you will have enough space to install the brackets and ball bearings in the wall. Once all the parts are installed, you can do a test of the pocket door installation so you are sure it is time to seal the wall. Finally, all you need is to get a sheet rock to cover up and the original wallpaper or paint you used to match with the rest of the wall. The last time consuming activity is to do some finishing and texturing of the wall as you will have a lot of nailing and cutting to do in the process.

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