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How to get a good Sliding Door Track for your home

Friday, 25 July 2014, 23:00 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Interior designing is a magic in itself. It somehow makes a small room a lot roomier than before just by making a few smart choices. One of those smart choices is to turn your common doors in to pocket doors installation for your home. Pocket doors are like sliding doors that slide inside a wall so that they occupy no space when you open or close them. It is a nifty thing to have since people invest in have a good doorstop and always make sure there is nothing place in the way of a door. This time you can easily invest in a pocket door and you will love the difference. There are some mechanics that makes a pocket door seamless and that is a sliding door track.

Sliding door track idea

A sliding door track is a track on which the door rolls on. This track is part of its main mechanics that make the sliding more less noisy and smooth to use. These tracks are easy to find from any hardware store that also deals in sliding pocket doors. However, you need to see the right measurements and the bearings the door has for the tracks. There are many styles of using the tracks, some occupy less space and some are quite durable.

Sliding door track option

The next thing you need to see about sliding door tracks is the number of doors that are being used for one entry. Sometimes there are two doors used for opening, which requires two tracks. In some rare choices, there are three doors, which can open like a closet. For three doors, you can choose either two or three tracks depending on the freedom of movement you are looking. A sliding door track usually needs oiling, so you would preferably use an aluminum version, which is easier to maintain.

Sliding door track 2014


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