Inspiration for decorating your front door

The front door of the house is the first thing that the visitors notice. By adding some of the special decorative touches to this area you can make a good impression on your visitors and guests. The dA?cor accents for the front door should not be expensive or elaborate. Just one or two of the specially selected pieces can add glamour to the door. You can lend a nice touch to the house by decorating the front doorway area. Here is some of the door decorating ideas that you could consider for decorating your door.

Front Door


1. Door Garland: It covers a large amount of the space on the door and it can be in any of the theme that you want. You should make sure that the theme which you are choosing is relatively weather resistant and it will not fade easily. For the wonderful autumn design the garland of fall colored leaves looks great. For the Christmas, poinsettias or holly could be used to make the garland.

2. Wreath: Wreath or any other floral display is another great door decorating ideas. You can display it by using an over-the-door wreath hanger. You should try to make your own wreath out of natural materials like the pine cones. It can be done by using glue and some decorative floral picks. Wreaths come in different color, sizes, ornaments and materials. For the Christmas dA?cor, various decorations like ribbons, candy canes, acorns, Christmas balls, berries, poinsettias, apples, cherries and many others are been used. You can make the traditional green wreath that is been made up of artificial Christmas tree leaves or you can make it from wooden materials or branches. Wreaths can also be completely made up of artificial berries or cherries.

3. Door Knob Decorations: This type of door decorating ideas is very popular. For this type of decoration you should first outline the doora??s frame and then start decorating it with garland along with decorating ornaments. Lights can also be used to make the door pop out during the night time. You can even use it hand in hand with the garland so that it can look great both in daytime and nighttime. You can also use some handmade items to adorn your door. One-of-a-kind piece or the simple colored ribbon with the bells attached to it looks great. For the seasonal themes, you can try small fall leaves or a strand of dried corn. For winter or Christmas, poinsettias and snowman would be a fun idea.

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4. Giant Present: You can wrap up your door like a gift. It is one of the interesting ideas for decorating doors. To do it by yourself, you first have to wrap the door up to its edges and you should then fold the paper back under itself. You should then use the double stick tape to stick the paper on to the door. Large pieces of ribbons should also be used to make a big bow in the center of the door. You should test the tape on the door before trying this idea to make sure that it does not bother the paint of the door.

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