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Making Pocket Door Lock installation without mess

Friday, 25 July 2014, 0:20 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | 748 Views
by Tim Cunningham

A pocket door is one of the innovations you will see in compact homes that show a lot of space even when it if fully furnished. Pocket doors are easy to maintain and they occupy no space at all as opposed to a common door. Sometimes we already have a pocket door installation in our home but we wish there was a better lock for those doors. If you have one of those pocket door locks where you only have the choice to open and close a door with a small grip, then you might want to change it to a proper lock. A pocket door lock is easy to install but people usually end up making a lot of mess by drilling holes and cutting the original locks.

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The easy to way to calculate how to install a pocket door lock is by first observing the space required to have a lock installed. You can wrap that area of the door with a piece of paper and then draw the holes and places you need to make your space. Once you have made the drawing, you will need to mark the areas on the door that will require cutting or replacement of lock. To effectively remove the original lock, try to prick out the metal casings and unscrew the lock as much as possible. Then you will need to pull it out in a fashion that it does not ruin the wood.

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Pricking out the original lock will not be too hard. Usually you will be using the same space to install your pocket door lock. You can used the same area to install the parts of the pocket door lock and get it screwed back safely. Lastly, to cut the wood you may need to use a jigsaw machine and a Dremel brand metal cutting machine if there are studs in the door.

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