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Pocket Door Lock Review 2013

Monday, 29 April 2013, 9:29 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Ariya

In installation of pocket door, lock is one of important hardware that you must pay attention and one of important parts that must be considered. The function of pocket door lock is to lock and unlock. The role lock door here is the key of the security system of door. Recently, pocket door lock come and appears with various styles, types and technique or system. This article will review Pocket door lock 2013.

Pocket Door Lock Model

With the various types and style pocket you can choose the suitable pocket door lock as you like and what you need. In this year, pocket door lock come and appears with the new style, technique and system. You can choose standard or custom pocket door lock usually it has a key to lock or to unlock or you can choose with the new style and type. Recently you will see pocket door lock that you only push the center button to lock the door, you may also see pocket door lock with turning lock which is you have to turn the lock in order to lock or unlock it. These new type and style mostly popular recently since it is new, more secure and stylish. You may choose the color like, gold, silver, brown etc.

Pocket Door Lock Style

Since that pocket door use sliding system then pocket door lock will indicate the security door system. So you must consider this. It is better for you to choose the best pocket door lock for your home. You also have to consider you needs and your pocket door type whether it is one side door or two side pocket doors.

Pocket Door Lock Type

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