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Pocket Door Style and Design

Saturday, 27 April 2013, 3:30 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Ariya

Pocket door come and appears as one of stylish and unique sliding door. Since that pocket door is magically disappear when we open it pocket door is mostly wanted for some people who want to have unique and stylish door. Recently, there are some various styles and designs of pocket door and that is why this article will concern in pocket door style and design.A?

Pocket Door Model


With the new style and design of pocket door, you will have not only unique and stylish door but you will have unique and stylish door as well. Pocket door was designed to make your home have new style of door and make your room specifically where there is no room for the swing of aA?hingedA?door. Feel and experience new style of pocket door. It is seem like you have lift door system. You may see the lift system, when lift open the two side door disappear separately. Two sides of door slide separately and hiding into the side wall. This concept same as pocket door so when you install pocket door at your home you will feel and experience your door like lift. The difference is lift was automatic in opening or closing while pocket door is manually.

Pocket Door Type

Installation of pocket door is little bit complex and complicated since the two sides of door will open or close separately then disappear and hiding in to side wall. So it is better for you to ask the expert to install it at your home.

Interior Pocket Door

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