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Things to Consider Before Buying Sliding Closet Doors

Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 10:10 | DOORS STYLES | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

The wardrobe in your bedroom can be one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home. So it becomes necessary for you to focus on the design, dA?cor and functionality of your wardrobe. While renovating household furniture sliding closet doors are bought more popularly these days due to various reasons. Space efficient, easy organization, and increased privacy are some of the reasons for which sliding doors for wardrobes are gaining popularity since some time. But still, before buying sliding doors for your closet there are certain things you should consider, given in this write-up.

Sliding Closet Doors

Pros and cons of sliding doors


A? The space saved due to not swinging our doors can be used for some more important things like improving the looks of the room.

A? You can open your wardrobe as much as you want. You need not open it completely even if it is not needed.


A? Though sliding doors improve your privacy, but they cost much higher than swing doors because adjustments have to be made to create a pocket into the wall.

A? The pocket area of the wall has to be used carefully while hanging something there as nails can damage the door by poking directly into it while the wardrobe is open.

Sliding Closet Doors2

Other things to consider before buying sliding doors for closet

Pre-installation requirements: In order to install sliding closet doors in your bedroom you will have to construct a frame in the wall so that the door can easily slid in it when opening the wardrobe. The length of the frame will have to be double the width of the door. Moreover, you will have to get your wall examined by an engineer, before installing the frame of the sliding door to ensure its load bearing potential. After getting assurance from the engineer you will have to hire a professional contractor to do framing into the wall properly.

Renovation requirements: If you are renovating your home and want to install sliding doors on your closets then you will have to demolish the existing wall to install framing to pocket the door. It will not only increase your budget but you will also have to make several other adjustments so that the doors can be operated easily as they run on the tracks installed on the top and bottom of the framing.

Finishing requirements: Before buying sliding doors for your closet you will have to spend some time for deciding about their style, design, color and finish as your closet has to remain in your room for long time and its doors cannot be changed very frequently. The design of the doors should match to the style and dA?cor of the entire room as well as with the other furniture items in it. You can choose the materials and colors for these doors according o your liking, modern or traditional as they can also change the look of your room.

Thus, while opting to change the doors of your wardrobe with sliding closet doors you should consider all the points discussed in this write-up.

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