What to know about Glass Pocket Doors

The glass pocket door enhances the appearance of the space and it also provides easy function. It is usually made up of quality workmanship and materials and the installation of it is done according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. This type of door is been installed as the closet doors, a divider, and an armoire or as a wardrobe. It slide effortlessly from one side to another if it has been installed using the right tracks. Over the years, this type of door has changed dramatically. Earlier, the doors used to be thin and it was made up of woods but now it is also been made up of glasses. Nowadays, the glass doors come in various designs and styles. The transparent glass door with frosted background and engraved lines look very elegant. It also comes in colored glasses that looks very elegant. Here are some of the benefits of this type of door.

Glass Pocket Doors


1. Indoor/Outdoor: The glass pocket door is the best way to create the space where the lines between outside and inside are not so clear. There are some people who like to barbecue and they invite many people over to their place but they do not have lots of space inside their home to entertain their guests the way they like to. By choosing the correct sill tract and by continuing their flooring from inside to outside they can create such space. The glass of this type of door disappears in to the wall and it double the living space without adding any space.

2. Dramatic Effect: It adds some dramatic effect to the feel and look of the house. It also improves the lightning of the room by removing the wall and installing it.

3. Automation: Apart from the regular door, this type of door has an automated version as well. This is been set up with the motion sensor so that it opens up automatically when you or anyone walks up towards it. It opens the door by itself for the guests so you really do not have to go and open it for your guests when you are busy with your other guests or other work. This feature can also be disabled if you do not require it.

Glass Pocket Doors2


1. Poor Energy Efficient: Usually, the glass pocket door has large openings which is been made up of aluminum. Aluminum is not very energy efficient.

2. Difficult to Install: This type of door is quite difficult to install and it can only be installed by the licensed contractor. There are many manufacturers who sell the product as an installed unit because it is very difficult to install it.

3. Cost: This type of door is usually very expensive. The cost of this type of door is almost three times bigger than that of sliding glass door or French door.

4. Difficult for Remodeling: Most of this type of door is designed with large spanning opening and pockets so it can sometimes be difficult to rearrange the existing frame of your house to accommodate what you might be looking for.

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