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Charming Styles of Barn Doors

Monday, 13 April 2015, 8:30 | DOORS STYLES, DOORS TIPS, EXTERIOR DOORS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

In today’s world of fun and whimsical architectural innovation, the farm is not the only place where you can find barn doors. From home offices to bathrooms to bedroom entrances, barn doors offer a great solution for people who are looking for distinctive ways to use space without sacrificing style or functionality. Homeowners, architects and designers often use barn doors as a way to create a high level of visual continuity between, while still being able to partition a room for separate or private use when needed. One of the scenarios in which barn doors are particularly useful is when floor space is a limited commodity. Instead of swinging out on hinges, barn doors roll on a horizontal track, which allows them to stay close to the wall and occupy very little floor space.

Charming Styles of Barn Doors

There are several styles of barn doors available that can really add a visual “pop” to a practically any room. There are vented louver barn doors that work well with spaces such as linen closets, where ventilation is necessary. You can install a barn door to close off a nook in a particular area such as a home office, so that once your work is done, you can roll the door shut and mentally disengage from your work until the next day. Quite a few styles of barn doors are in common use for bathroom entrances, adding a classic and sometimes rustic appeal to these types of spaces. Barn doors can also be installed in areas where swinging doors simply won’t fit.

Charming Styles of Barn Doors

Although there are a myriad of styles of barn doors to choose from, they all require hardware to be installed in order to roll the door open or shut. When choosing a particular style of barn door, be sure that you also select the appropriate hardware that can bear the weight of the door. This will ensure that you won’t have problems down the road with the door getting stuck or possibly pulling the hardware loose from the wall over time.

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