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DIY French Doors – Wall Opening

Tuesday, 13 January 2015, 13:22 | DOORS STYLES, DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Consider the numerous steps that are required for installing french doors. The first important step concerns the wall opening, and making sure you make it wide or tight enough to fit your french doors. To ensure you do this properly, order your french doors first so that you know the exact measurements required for the wall opening. You can often times do this online, or perhaps take a trip to your local Home Depot. Also be mindful of any requiredA?permits before beginning your construction. A?You don’t want to get flagged for illegal building construction.

DIY french doors

To get working, locate the studs in the wall, and hack open the opening between the studs. If you encounter any wiring or electrical equipment, carefully remove it from the area or find a way to protect it. At the same time, remove any baseboards or crown molding. Eventually you’ll be left with the old door hinges, so use your favorite tool to safely remove that as well.

DIY french doors 2

The next part involves jack studs – you’ll need to install them on both sides, followed by the installation of your veneer headers. Remember to make very careful measurements and to be sure to double check yourself every now and then. Finally, once you remove the bottom plate and carefully re-route the electrical wiring, you are ready to drop in your french doors.

DIY french doors 3

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