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How to a Install Double Doors

Friday, 13 July 2012, 7:01 | DOORS TIPS | Comments Off on How to a Install Double Doors | 2 Views
by Hank

How to Install Double Doors
Those of you who want to fix the double doors that add beauty on display. Are confused you How to Install Double Doors with satisfactory results. Here is some guidance to allow you to install double doors with easy.

How to Install Double Doors

  • Measure to ensure that you have of sufficient space for your new double door frame. The place for new doors should be one inch in width and a half inch wider than the frame. Also, make sure that the new position of door has the correct size. Blindrahmen are of a width of 4 9/16 in. or 6 9/16 inches.
  • Place your new door in the wall. Drag in place below all first and tilt the then until it is in the correct position standing. Ensure that the amounts are aligned with the wall.
  • Use your level to make sure that the top of the door frame is level. If get you it instead, to ensure with the 4 D-nails hammering. The nails on each foot half or so separately, as you have at the top of the door frame go place.
  • Keep the layer on one side of the frame. In the holds of hammer wood, between the wall and the frame on the side of the frame. As soon as you have defined it offshore, d 8 drives nails to fix the framework, holds and part of the wall frame. In two places hinge in the center of the image. Repeat on the other side.
  • The work of doors and you ensure that they closed, remain closed to, are level and have a gap of 1/8 inch between them and the door frame. If they have d 8 nails in the context it disconnect and customize. Once they are all managed to these criteria, you drive nails on the side of the frame.
  • If the framework is present, add washers on each foot on each side of the frame. Cut the wall of the holds, so that they also with the Wan

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