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How to Hang a Prehung Interior Door

Saturday, 7 July 2012, 7:30 | DOORS TIPS | Comments Off on How to Hang a Prehung Interior Door | 2 Views
by Hank
How to Hang a Prehung Interior Door
How to Hang a Prehung Interior Door? Weatherproof doors come with their hinges already with a surrounding housing combined. Install the entire casing in the door, rather than the door there by itself, what, not worry about the opening and closing properly means you are (since you actually open the door and close in its package before you can install it yourself). One disadvantage of the door doors is that the hinges are not physically, to the wall frame, which is the strongest support connected, but you to replace it yourself with some of the hinge screws with longer can.A?If you still have trouble in installing, here are a few tips that make it easy to install the door.
How to Hang a Prehung Interior Door
  • Make a layer between the two sides of the doorframe. If the door is unequal, need to trim, so that the Doorjamb in the door frame fits the Doorjamb.
  • Measure the left side of the walk through from the top to the bottom. Transfer this measurement to the left Doorjamb, and cut the Doorjamb with a hacksaw if necessary. Repeat the right side of the frame and Doorjamb.
  • Set the Doorjamb and the door in the door frame, and folders you temporarily in the frame of the door. Hammer eight penny nails on the hinge side, just enough to keep the door into position. Drive not the nails in the Doorjamb and frame, as you want to remove it later.
  • Check whether the Doorjamb is on the hinge side of the door. By washers between the border and the Doorjamb place the Doorjamb level. Shims small wedges of wood are designed to fill gaps for leveling a project.
  • Repeat the powerleveling to the locking of the door. If the Doorjamb and the door in the frame, with the 3-inch wood screws through the Doorjamb and in the framework.

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