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How To Install A Pocket Door at home

Friday, 25 July 2014, 3:29 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Interior designing leaves us with many options to make changes at home. Some of these modifications also improve the efficiency and good space management of your rooms. An effect way to make a great use of space is to a pocket door. A pocket door is like a sliding door, which was a niche inside a wall so that you do not have to make space to swing it open. It is a clever way of creating space at home and opening doors become more convenient. Here is how to install a pocket door at home.

How To Install A Pocket Door idea

First, you need to observe which door you need to convert to a pocket door. You have to observe whether your wall can make the provision to install a Johnson pocket lock. Usually there is always some space in a wall and it is easier if the walls are made of wood. Then you need to decide which side of the wall needs to be cut out to create a niche for the pocket door. Finally, you will need some tools to cut out the wall and install brackets and little parts to make the door effectively a pocket door. This is a brief explanation how to install a pocket door.

How To Install A Pocket Door method

To learn how to install a pocket door you can also check out some videos online that show how you can neatly cut the wood to make space for installing a pocket door. They will also show the right equipment you need that will cut through numerous nails and studs that are stuck in the beams of those walls. A safe way to make a clean cut is to drill small holes on the sides of each beam so that you know when to stop slicing the wood. Towards the end of the practice, the only time consuming job is to do the finishing of the walls and frame of the door.

How To Install A Pocket Door style

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