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How to Install a Prehung French Doors

Wednesday, 13 June 2012, 1:57 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | 2 Views
by Hank
How to Install a Prehung French Doors
You use the prehung French doors in your home. French doors prehung provides many benefits one of which for those of you who really like natural sunlight. glass panel door design which was given to this cause the room your home will be more light with a light that can be entered. However, when the door you need a little repair and you intend to install on your own. You can do by providing some of the materials, tools and a little effort you can install it yourself.
How to Install a Prehung French Doors
The following tips are easy to Install a Prehung French Doors.
  • The door into the opening of the fishery place it on the inside of the House. Make sure that the swing out doors. At the bottom of the doors prehung French on the floor in front of the lift from the top of the studs in the wall.
  • Doors take a help French prehung available, so that it will not fall. The door in the middle of the bolt in the wall of the left and right Centre. Place holds, are small pieces of wood, that the door to keep the upper corners and on the outer edges of the frame prehung door French below.
  • Place the level on the door frame, make sure that the door is. Door of prehung French to left and right of the image. Use holds at the level of the door on the left or right. For example, if the level indicating that the top edge of the frame of the door on the left side moves to the left and right to remove a patch from the top left of the door and that add up on the page.
  • Screw you drywall screws in the door holds, by the Union through the French doors prehung in the descent of the wall. No screws in to the descent of the wall. Make sure that screws go into the leg about 1/8 inch.
  • The door from the outside screws in the descent of the wall screws you the drywall. Do this each 14 cm from the bottom left of the French door of prehung framework. The screw of the final of the screw in the bottom right corner of the French doors prehung. Skip not these screws, because it is of less than 14 inches of the screw of the previous.
  • Please stop screws that are in place under screws that does apply to door. Break and sand it down flush with the fall of the door. Place the insulation between the French doors prehung and the descent of the wall. Do more things.
  • Mastic on the screw holes are still visible in the French doors. After it is dry, it sand bottom sits flush with the frame, and the color on it. Apply caulking outside the French doors prehung if they are out of the House. Apply mastic on the outer edges of the French doors prehung.
  • Create the casing or trim Autour gaps in the descent of the wall and French doors. Nails hammer left each 14 inches from the bottom on the back. Mastic on the nail holes, sand and paint.

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