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How to Install Bathroom Shower Doors?

Friday, 8 June 2012, 7:52 | BATHROOM DOORS, DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

How to Install Bathroom Shower Doors

How to Install Bathroom Shower Doors? Are you tired of the look of the bathroom. Those of you who want to change the look of the bathroom by using door shower bathroom but you don’t know how to install. Your own installs shower doors bath room by providing some materials, tools and a little effort from you.

How to Install Bathroom Shower Doors
  • Measure the length of the tub, wall to wall, to the measurement of band located in the Centre of the ledge of the tub. Subtract 3/16 inches of this measure. This able to transfer to the bottom of the track and cut to size, a box of chrysotile and Sierra. Soften the edges with a file.
  • Position and the centre of the bottom of the track on the edge of the bath, leaving a space equal to each end of the wall channels. The trail of the tub to hold in place and make some pencil marks at each end as one reference where the track slide during the installation of the band.
  • Keep each channel wall, one at a time, against the wall so that the bottom of the canal is part of the base of the trail without spaces. Use Carpenter level and make sure that the channel wall is Plumb. Make a mark with screw on each hole in the wall with a pencil. Repeat this process with the other channel of wall.
  • Make a small dent in each brand of pencil with a Center punch tool. This will help prevent the wandering forest when drilling holes. Tiles with tape in the shape of x to avoid cracking of the tiles of the band. Take your drill with a 1/4 inch masonry bit and deepen each brand. Press to anchor wall in each hole with a hammer.
  • Apply a bead of sealant on the outer edge of the bottom side of the low track. Place the runway towards the edge of the bathtub and grow, using its reference as the mark of a guide. Place a small amount of sealant at each end where the way meeting of the wall.
  • Drag each wall channel on the runway of the base and the holes of the channels with the line walls. Use a screwdriver and fasten securely channels with the provided screws. Install bumpers in the party top and bottom of each channel with screws.
  • Measure the wall to wall for the length of the upper rail. Subtract 1/16 inch, this measure of transfer of the lane and cut, with the Sierra. Drag the path of superior wall channels.
  • First install the sliding door inside by raising and follow pennies a way higher with rolls of the inside of the rail. Drag the door next to the showerhead and check that the door is plumb against the bumper. Lift the outer door and follow the rollers in a way higher with the outside. Drag the channel of the wall the door and verify that it is unswervingly bumpers.
  • Run balls of sealing silicone on each side of the wall and the two sides of the low track channels. Use your finger to run along the edges, pushing sealant in seams. Attention down low way channels and the corner of the wall. Let the sealant put in place several hours before the shower. Leakage checking

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