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How to Install Pocket Door Review 2013

Monday, 29 April 2013, 8:48 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Ariya

Pocket door can be categorized as stylish, unique and innovative. Stylish and unique because the system of pocket door is sliding, magically disappear in to the wall when we open it. Innovative because pocket door can be the solution for you especially if there is no room for swing or hinged door at your home. That is why some people tend to install pocket door at their home considering the good side of pocket door.

How to Install Pocket Door Model

The installation of pocket door, it is little bit complicated and complex it is better for you to ask expert to install it but if you want to install it by yourself then you can do it by reviewing or read some tips and instruction. This article will give you review in installation of pocket door because this time we will discuss about how to install pocket door.

How to Install Pocket Door Technique

To install pocket door at your home you have to read and follow the instruction carefully and consider some steps. Here the steps:

  • Remove the existing door

If you are going to replace the existing door you have to remove it first then you can start the installation

  • Determine the size

Determine the size between the sizes of the empty space of door with the size of your pocket door

  • Measurement

Measure and make sure that there is enough room in your wall

  • Cutout Drywall

If your home use drywall then you have to cut out the drywall, cut based on the size of your pocket door

  • Install track

Install track in the opening and the hardware on the door

  • Repair Drywall

Plaster and paint drywall

  • Door Jamb and trim

Install door jamb and trim

  • Add handle

Finals step is install handle.

How to Install Handle Pocket Door

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