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How to Install Sliding Screen Door

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by Hank
How to Install Sliding Screen Door

How to Install Sliding Screen Door? Sliding Door Screnn is a door that is able to provide a fascinating look at your home. However, if the display of your home that long make you a little saturated and intend to install your door. You just need some guidelines and you can do it yourself for installing your doors.

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How to Install Sliding Screen Door
  • Measure the height and the width of the sliding glass doors. Standard glass doors are 6 feet, 8 inches high; glass doors also come in 6 feet 11 inches or feet 8 heights.
  • Visit hardware stores, service providers improvements for the home and shops specialized for Windows and doors. There are a variety of frameworks, detection, devices of rollers, finishes and colours. Please contact the representative of the store with respect to measurements and desired features.
  • The door of the screen must be placed outside the sliding glass doors. Keep the door by the sides of the frame with both hands, keeping the upper part of the door of the parallel to the glass door screen. Put upper wheels on the outer track of the door frame.
  • Keep the rollers against the top track and push the door remove the higher, allowing wheels to lower to settle on the track wheels. Both of the lower rolls carefully place on the track.
  • If necessary, adjust the rollers. A door that is too low can fall off track; If it is too high, the door will not slide easily. Sliding door rollers are actuated with adjustment screws located on the wheel or in the vertical framework. Make turns to the right with a Phillips screwdriver to push the wheel outwards and raise the door or use turns to the left to remove the wheel and lower the door.

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