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How to Install a Exterior Door

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by Hank
How to Install a Exterior Door

How to Install a Exterior Door. If updating the look of the exterior doors with exterior door installed but do not know how to install. Install exterior door is easy but you’ll mebutuhkan your time and a little effort.

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The first step you have to do is prepare the tools and materials needed to install exterior doors. Tools that need is chainsaw, drill, air nailer, wood shims, hammer, drill a 1/8 inch, nail sets, pencils, meter, gauge and clamp silicone spray foam insulation.

Materials needed for this type of door you choose. The door that you choose may be of wood, fiberglass or metal depending on your interest.

Now remove the exterior door that you will install. Remove the door from the hinges and set aside for recycling. To the gouging trim you need bar flat, remove from the inside of the door sills. Now use the saw to cut the reciprocating located between door frames and framing of 2-by-4. For this method you can cut the nails that hold the door sills. The opening notes for rough wall should be 1 inch more priest from the doorstep.

Your next step is to make sure that any exterior walls should extend to the edge of the rough framing. For the opening of a door on a wall you prune. Exterior door sills mold should be set flush against the framing2-by-4 with the opening of the outer wall. Now you have to try the door opening and check if your door to door level and have an upright.

Once the above has been completed now time you install by wrapping 2-by-4 framed door opening from the exterior walls. Do you use paper and attach using staples construction.

Next you use silicone clamp to climb the side of the framed opening in the exterior walls. After you finish make sure it is already fitted with check if already upright, square and level in the opening.

Use a helper to hold the door in place. Slide shims between the frame doors with framing a wall on hinges on one side and the striker plates on the opposite side. Now prepare the nail gun tool, use the tool to install the door in the shims.


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