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Install Exterior Doors

Wednesday, 18 July 2012, 5:17 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | 2894 Views
by Hank

Install Exterior Doors

Exterior doors that either will add beauty and give a more perfect sense of security. However, if you intend to repair exterior door with install. the following tips to Install Exterior Doors with ease. you just prepare tools and materials, you can install the exterior alone with not a lot of takes.

Install Exterior Doors
  • To ensure that the threshold of the door is. Lead two pearls 1/4 inch of mastic along the floor of the opening of the door to prevent to reach by air or water. The coating of the seal on the sides and the top opens the door, according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • The door opening at the end of the window sill on the middle of the opening and place to first increase. The door should be 2 to 3 inches wider than the door.
  • Put an influence of 1/4 inch under the door on hinges to help at this level. Put a nail 1 foot of the soil on the side of the hinge. The hammer is quite in the case, you need to remove it to the door frame.
  • Use the vertical on the side of the door hinge side, until the bubble indicates its level. You put a nail in about 1 foot top hinge.
  • Place the level on the door frame. The hinge side not to customize, that it is. If the layer, use a nail at the top of the image, 3 inches from the side of the door not Charniere. The hammer in the doing.
  • Place the level on the side door not Charniere and fit the image until it is. Put a nail in the top and the bottom of the frame. Not in the hammer completely.
  • Try opening and closing the door. It should resonate with a gap of 1/8 inch between the door and the side door not Charniere. Add in your nails with the hammer and two others on each side.
  • Add the foam insulation between the Poland the door frame and Jack the door frame. Install the trim and add, door hardware to complete the work.
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