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How to Install Prehung Interior Door

Thursday, 5 July 2012, 5:15 | DOORS TIPS | Comments Off on How to Install Prehung Interior Door | 2 Views
by Hank

 How to Install Prehung Interior Door

How to Install Prehung Interior Door?A?Display in your room is a Crown for you to find warmth while you are in the middle of the House. If your home look mediocre you won’t find warmth in the room. You should be a little display room your home installs, one of which is to install the door of your room. If you want to install a prehung door using door interior, here are a few tips to install easily. You only need a couple of tools, materials with little effort.

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 How to Install Prehung Interior Door


  • Measure the width of the opening. You will need the height measured from the floor to the top of the opening and the width, measured from the face of the two framing studs on both sides. If you are replacing the door, once, which has the same size will work much easier and error proof. When you measure, look at the thickness of your wall. This will help you choose the correct size of drive.
  • You want to drive, which is about 1/4 inch smaller than the existing along both sides of the opening. Buy a door the frame has the same thickness as your wall.
  • If replacing the door, start by prying the trim pieces from both sides of the old door with a hammer. Remove the nails or screws along each wall and slide the drive out of the hole.
  • Create a new opening, if it is necessary. Mark the location of the new door using the pencil and straight edge. Reduce existing drywall from the opening. Remove all frames members as needed, and is used to create a suitably sized opening. This usually involves the transfer of 2 times-4 or 2-6 spokes on both sides of the location of the door. Remember that the opening should be about 1/4 inch larger than the door on all three sides (not the bottom).
  • Leave the clips that hold the door closed on the spot for the moment. Decide which way you want the door swing. Consider what direction the stream will keep the door out of the way and to minimize distortion of the space. When you install the doors, keep in mind this swing.
  • Slide the drive into the opening, bottom first. Used to check that the frame is even your level. In most homes are not completely level floors. If you want to customize this, pre-hung doors usually come with frames that are somewhat longer than is strictly necessary. If your level indicates that the title of the frame uneven, use saw one of his feet to reduce the frame until it makes uneven spots on the floor.
  • Turn on using one or two nails on each frame of the door. Plumbness frame using your level. Please fix the places that are on the level by inserting a wooden pop-up under the frame of legs, hinges, or in between the frame and supports the grace logins remaining-4 on both sides.
  • Secure the door using the long screws at about the same place as the curtains. You might want to insert the screws on both frames, but not in the title frame.
  • Install all the hardware that you want to add is already preinstalled. Use the template that came with your hardware can help you with the installation. Will provide the location of the hardware and screw.
  • Nail trim pieces or casing around the frame of the door on both sides. This includes the seams where the door meets the drywall, and helps make the appearance of the hole. You may need to repair or Painting drywall damage visible section.

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