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Install Sliding Pocket Doors Tips

Wednesday, 18 July 2012, 5:23 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | 2728 Views
by Hank

Install Sliding Pocket Doors Tips

How to improve the look of your home more beautiful and easy to use? If you are using Sliding Pocket Doors, Install Sliding Pocket Doors Tips to easy. You can install the door itself. You need to prepare materials and tools.

Install Sliding Pocket Doors Tips
  • If the wall of your home a structure or Commons is partition. Determine whether there is there plumbing or wiring. Remove the cover. To remove the molding rather than a saw blade in the ditch will respond. Nails to the cargo must be cut at this time. Use a metal cutting blade for trimming the nails, then switch the door.
  • By switch at the bottom of the machine make the cuts shallow. Drywall between studs and headers to remove. Stop the header of the partition, use a saw to complete the process. Cut the bars. What makes available a room for the new framework. Rediscover the header measures before turning length Stud.
  • After you have determined the door measures, cut the tip of the rod. Install a new Stud, then the new head of the screws available. Carefully cut out and adjust the tread on the ground at that time.
  • Use a saw to the channel. Use a hand saw, cut the Nailers. Check the chain level. Then put connecting of the channel for the Poland with support of late, the split Poland in the brackets of the floor. The Poland on the tip of the nail to make sure that they are standing tip. Carefully nail the hook of the floor up to the sole. After the hangers for mounting on the door, pull the truck on the track. Close the hook for the cars. Fit the Assembly. At that time, properly hang the door. Now install the draught and castles.
  • The gypsum wallboard should be secured with screws and Panel adhesives. After applying the drywall and band, remove excess compound leave. The sand of the material after it dries, then set to the next level of the connection. The doors must cut housing and installed at this time.
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