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Remove a Sliding Glass Doors Frame

Thursday, 2 August 2012, 17:01 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | 2 Views
by Hank

Remove a Sliding Glass Doors Frame

Sliding glass doors provide benefits that are perfect to give your room and make savings on your home room is getting warm. However, when the sliding glass doors having problems and need a bit of improvement. You firts must the first Remove a Sliding Glass Doors Frame of the old with the new.

You just need to setup tools and materials to do it. The guide will make you easily remove sliding glass doors frames quickly. The following tips can be made to remove the guide frame glass sliding doors with ease.

  • Place behind the inner side of the glass sliding door, hammer, chisel behind the trim, ripping chisel. To protect the wall, place a piece of wood, as a strip of plywood in court, and you use the chisel on the wood ribs cut off the coast of levers. For the exterior, as well as processing, follow these steps.
  • Remove two Interior and exterior finishing nails with a nail or claw hammer Extractor. Use not the interior wall or outside on the Inquisitor. This leads to unnecessary damage to the finished walls.
  • Cover the edges of sliding glass sliding doors and a lift to the door the start and runway. Switch the door side slowly to get the door to main tracks. Place doors in safe place, so that they do not interrupt.
  • Place the saw between the door frame and the columns of the structure with a metal. If the frame and the stud corner is tight together, a piece of wood or a chisel between the frames and the stud on a difference of dragging the blade. Turn on the device and follow the outer edges of the doorframe, cut the nails to hold the door frame in position.
  • Remove the frame from the structure of the door opening. To help, the long so tight, put to a block on the edge of the frame and the block with a hammer on the door frame, which protects the frame of the door crushed or cracked on the head of the hammer will be taken.

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