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Remove Sliding Glass Doors

Sunday, 22 July 2012, 7:33 | DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Remove Sliding Glass Doors

When sliding doors you need improvement. You intend to remove the sliding door with glass substituting new ones in order to provide different views and the beautiful. Tips to Remove Sliding Glass Doors can provide a guide for you. selection of the right tools and materials, you can remove the sliding door glass with easy.

  • The door from the screen to remove, if you have a. Pull both sides of the image in the middle and the door. Pull the bottom of the track while keeping the pressure up. Use a slot screwdriver, to search the bottom wheels off the coast of the track if the door is not free off the coast.
  • Be the first outside the door. In most cases, that will be the stationary door, you must be freed from its fixed position. Remove the stopper of the route to down from the edge of the solid door on the lintel of the door. Take the blade of a screwdriver slot in the framework of the CAP, and locate it to the top. Remove the fixed operation door screw with a Phillips head screwdriver. You will be the setting for the outer door frame in the upper and lower corners and may be in the Middle from top to bottom.
  • If possible, consider the door on the lintel. Use a curious bar to release if necessary. Roll the door in the middle of the line. A page of help had to point of the frame of the other while you take and mounted on the frame at the bottom of the door way of the vaginal. Use a Phillips screwdriver to lower the wheel if the wheels below does not follow. Keep the screwdriver in the holes on the bottom door that reach adjustment screws. Turn counter clockwise to secure wheels.
  • Remove the sliding door. You roll in the middle of the line. On the one hand, seizure, with your help, taking into account the other and push to above, down to vibrate, like for the stationary door.

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