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Remove Sliding Shower Doors

Thursday, 19 July 2012, 14:43 | BATHROOM DOORS, DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Remove Sliding Shower Doors

When you are having problems with the door shower bathroom. You might intend to remove the doors and intend to improve it. You alone can do this, you need to follow the Guide to Remove Sliding Shower Doors. We recommend that you prepare before making, materials and devices so you won’t find it difficult when doing so.

  • Drag the door of outdoor shower in the center of the line. Take the outer door on each side. Lift the door outside to get rid of its title below. Low door, so that the ground outside of the bathtub at the top of the door housing is free. Discard the outer door or save it for later use.
  • Drag the inside cover to the center of the line. Remove the inner door to get out of the bottom track. Push down the inner door and reduce the stove free instead of the track. Dispose of the inner door or save it for future projects.
  • Remove the screws of clamps of the top rail of the track with your screwdriver. To keep the center of the upper track with one hand. Press down one end of the line with the Palm of your free hand for her hand free of side track. Free face at the end of the superior way. Have or store, upper Rails and screws.
  • Remove the screws of clamps down and on both sides of the track. Push the point of your 5-in-1 block in the sealed seams and freely drag the tool to cut the seal and the railway. Get free tracks and dispose or store the screws with the pliers.
  • Gently scratch the sealing of the walls and the surface of the pan. Fill the screw with caulking gun holes to caulk. Wipe to smooth the surface of work tightly with a damp cloth for tasks. Let the cure of seal for 12 hours before using your shower.

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