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Repair Sliding Bathroom Glass Doors

Thursday, 19 July 2012, 14:40 | BATHROOM DOORS, DOORS TIPS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

Repair Sliding Bathroom Glass Doors

The bathroom door is an important element that you have to pay attention and require regular maintenance. Those of you who have the bathroom with this type of sliding and require a little refinement. The following tips Repair Sliding Bathroom Glass Doors with easy. You only need to prepare materials and tools, you can complete the repairs yourself.

  • Loosen the two screws to secure that if your door uses a lock the lock in the door to the shower with a screwdriver. If the lock is damaged, bring it to buy renovation a new lock to a Center. Free install the lock on the door with the screw clamps.
  • Go in the shower and close the door. Stir the lock until it closes down on the other door panel. Secure the safe lock with the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Loosen the lock screw of low door manual track with a screwdriver of Phillips head. Guide rail is outside the bottom rail. Remove the lower track guide rail.
  • Take shower and room to maneuver door panels from the runway of top rollers. Place the door on a flat surface panels.
  • Inspect the rollers on each door panel for corrosion or missing parts. Roll-up door with new roles, which are in the Centre of the home renovation to replace. Roll on the door panels with a single head Phillips screw.
  • See the scanning at the bottom of each door panel. Be worn if the scan appears, replace the scan with the new felt. Felt rides in a channel on the scanning from the door. To feel, if you replace the felt to remove the felt over the Canal and the new film in the channel. Some doors have adjustable door scan, which can cut if the felt in good condition is.
  • Examine the line for the elbow. Can the smaller folds by understanding the edge of the launch and landing strip having a pair of pliers adapt to. Fold the way back as possible with the tongs.
  • Wipe the door track top and low track is clean to remove dirt and soap scum. Lift the door panels and rank the panels to the top tracks. Press down of any door panel in the lower track. Check the scanning at the bottom and ensure that the scan on the bottom of the Canal rides start and landing strip. Remove screws secure the scanning with a Phillips screwdriver head lower scanning on demand. Pulling lowering the scanning.
  • Install the guide rail on the front of the bottom track with the screw clamps

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