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Replace with a Sliding Closet Doors for Bedrooms

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by Hank

Replace with a Sliding Closet Doors for Bedrooms

Replace with a Sliding Closet Doors for Bedrooms?A?You have a problem with opening the closet. Trouble opening because of the narrow room bedrooms. When will open your closet should be trouble because large need space to open. Your closet doors-folding, so you want to change the style of closet doors for your bedroom with sliding style. The advantages gained from sliding doors because it does not require large space to open it. Here are a few tips that make it easy for you to change your closet doors into a stylish sliding.

  • Open the existing doors. Place a screwdriver under the PIN in the hinge of the door below and select with a hammer to remove the PIN. Repeat this step with the other two joints and remove the door.
  • Unscrew the hinges from the puerta-Jamba with a power screwdriver and remove.
  • Measure the width and the length of the door with a tape measure and write it. Buy prefabricated cabinets sliding doors that correspond to this objective in a store of oppussing.
  • Measure the width of the Jamba toppdekselet, cut in half and mark the center of the amount from a pencil. The track of high slider doors to the offices of the amount of these objectives, the screw with the screws provided with the door of the closet and a power screwdriver.
  • Keep a string plumb bob in the middle of the runway. Bob Plumb below allow to settle directly with the word. Mark where resolves to find the Centre of the amount on the floor from a pencil. It gives you a straight mount, redness. The background track mounting sliding door of the closet on the floor with the supplied screws and a power screwdriver with its brand as a guide.
  • Insert the needle into the sliding doors of wardrobes and lift the track sliding door.

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