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Add a little style with Sliding Barn Doors

Friday, 25 July 2014, 23:13 | EXTERIOR DOORS, INTERIOR DOORS | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Making the most out of your limited space at home is the best way to make a start for your interior designing. If you are planning to make some changes, then investing in your doors will be a great start. Doors although are very simple but they are most visible as we pass through them so many times a day. If you invest in improving the utility of those doors, it will immediately give a nice feeling to you quality of life. Just like pocket door, the sliding barn doors work the same way. Just as the name suggests, they operate just as sliding barn doors do. They are supported by wheels on top, which run through tracks. These tracks are installed on the outside of your wall and these doors hang on to them.

Sliding barn doors design

The best thing about sliding barn doors is that they are so easy to install rather than sliding pocket doors. You do not need to cut the wall to make a niche for your door but rather you just need to install a track for your door and then hang your door to it. The simplicity makes the option a lot feasible, but there is one important point to note. You will need a higher ceiling when you are attempting to use a barn door style to replace your original doors. The reason is that they do take up some space and they are meant for larger rooms. You will still find many smaller varieties to suit your taste for sliding doors however.

Sliding barn doors ideas

All you need to do is to start drilling holes in to your walls for hanging the tracks for your sliding barn doors. You can also choose some vintage style bearings for your barn doors to use. Once you have installed the tracks, you just need to align your door to the track and let it hang. The weight of the door alone will ensure that it does not sway from its tracks. Lastly, you will need to install a handle that is easy to use and prevents anyone from touching the door unnecessarily.

Sliding barn doors option

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