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Pocket Door Installation increase wall space

Tuesday, 8 July 2014, 12:03 | INTERIOR DOORS | 0 Comment | Views
by Tim Cunningham

Pocket Door Installation designs

If you have a small room and you do not have enough space to install a proper door. You should definitely opt for a pocket door installation. The best thing about a pocket door is that you can easily install it yourself if you purchase it from a good source, they will provide you with a DIY manual. If you have right equipment you can easily install your own pocket door. There is some basic preparation and measures that you need to take before you can consider installing the pocket door in the wall. One of the most basic of measurements is the width of the wall.

Pocket Door Installation ideas

A pocket door installation can not only save space but can also offer a lot of privacy but also allow you extra space and beauty that a normal swinging door cannot offer. If you install a pocket door lock it will not only help secure the door but also provide privacy to the room. The only difference that it has from the normal door is that the pocket door sits in its track and thus when it is locked it does not seal as tightly as the conventional doors that you may already have in your room.

Pocket Door Installation 2014

If you are someone who tends to worry about their children playing in their room and you do not want them to go out then you should definitely opt for a pocket door installation. The primary reason behind this is that, not only does the pocket door can help secure the children in the room but since its not sealed tightly you can still hear your children playing in the room. This not only helps in reducing the effort you need to put in to going and checking on the children but also keeps the children safe in one place.

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