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Tips How to Install Interior French Doors

Friday, 15 June 2012, 5:56 | INTERIOR DOORS | 0 Comment | Views
by Hank

How to Install Interior French Doors

France Interior doors giving a perfect view on the function and style of the room house. stiap Dr the door gives the role as a liaison between the room nicely. French doors also gives a beautiful appearance and provide light from outdoors can enter into the interior rooms of your home. If you intend to improve by installing interior doors. the steps are easy Tips How to Install Interior French Doors.

  • Remove the existing doors. Start of inquisitors pieces or external enclosures shall cease at the end of the claw of a hammer. Then remove the nails or screws on each door frame hammer or drilling. If all screws have been removed, the entire unit will tilt down until it expands on the ground. Pull the opening and remove in accordance with the regulations in your city. You should if the unit is decorated or in good condition, donations to a construction salvage facility.
  • The dimensions to measure the rough opening. This is the width of the opening of the face a stud farm in the face of the other, and the height from the ground to the top of the opening.
  • Use the dimensions in step 2, to your new door buy measured. French doors can be purchased in a hardware store or a hardware store. To facilitate this work, buy a unit with sliding doors, which already a framework suspended.
  • Careful on the size of your new product. Select the same is that you have deleted, as the size for easy installation, a unit. If this is not possible, choose one that is slightly larger. It will be much easier to cut drywall, and then try to add it.
  • Grab your new doors and decide how they are swinging. You want to turn, so that the doors only minimal damage in the open space. This will be a unique decision based on the layout of your home.
  • Prepare the opening, if necessary. Use a Sawzall or similar tool to cut drywall and the opening. Their opening should be about 1/4 inch wider and higher than your French door and frame Assembly.
  • Drag the new doors into the opening, bottom first. Try the unit to the opening of the Center, visually. Put shims behind the hinges, the jambs or between the jambs and the Poland of wood if necessary at the level of the unit. Make sure that the device before the treatment is with your level.
  • Get the image by placing nails or screws every 8 inches along each post. Nails or screws, which you should be long enough to the posts and penetrate part behind it. It is not necessary to place fasteners in the head of the frame. Also, placing nails in wood washers that used to keep them in position.
  • Install the trim or casing Kit to cover the holes along each post. Use joint compound (Spackle) to the patch patch around the opening, if necessary plates, you then follow with a layer of touch up painting.

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