4 Considerations when Equipping Your HDB Flat with a Main or Bedroom Door

The front door is the first thing your guests will notice. Every passer-by will also get a glimpse of it. They will likely form the first impression about your HDB flat after seeing your main door. The door to your room also serves as a barrier that represents your personality. Here are four tips to consider for your front and bedroom doors.

#1 Security

Your main door is the primary entry point into your home and should have all of the required attributes to protect the interior from the outside elements. Many homeowners now use advanced locking systems like the Epic digital lock to ensure their main door is secure.

#2 Appropriate Placement

Another significant consideration is the possible challenges in equipping your HDB flat with a stylish main door. The location should allow for flawless opening and shutting. Otherwise, it may get damaged.

#3 Proper Insulation & Ventilation

It can get hot and humid outside. Installing a well-ventilated and insulated front or bedroom door in your home in Singapore can reduce your electricity bills. Ensuring doors have proper ventilation and insulation will aid in keeping your home or bedroom cool and comfortable.

#4 Choose the Right Material

Entrance doors nowadays satisfy the primary requirements of comfort, safety, and insulation thanks to cutting-edge technologies. The material of your front and bedroom door is significant. PVC is the most insulating and has the highest quality-per-price ratio. However, aluminum also provides effective thermal insulation and refined aesthetics. A mild steel gate also offers improved security for your HDB flat.

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