4 Door Hardware Options That Will Help Reduce Break-ins At Your Business

4 Door Hardware Options That Will Help Reduce Break-ins At Your Business

The safety of your business’s assets is a primary issue as a business owner or administrator. Selecting the appropriate door hardware to lower the risk of break-ins is a crucial component of protecting your business. 

A basic amount of security may be provided by standard lock systems, but advancements in door hardware technology provide enhanced protection against unapproved entry as well as potential thefts. Read on in order to find more details about the modern door hardware solutions that are accessible and begin to safeguard your company against break-ins right away.

Biometric Door Locks

An innovative type of door hardware that offers a high degree of protection are biometric door locks. To give entry, biometric door locks use the distinctive biological traits of each user. These locks provide access using distinctive biological attributes like fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial features. It’s a practical and user-friendly solution since authorized people can access it with only a touch, scan, or look.

Security Bar and Reinforcement Plates

According to Commercial Locks and Doors, better hardware provides a better level of security. Additional physical obstacles on doors, such as security bars and reinforcing plates, make it harder for attackers to enter. 

They are often composed of durable materials like steel and put strategically to strengthen vulnerable areas of the door, such the frame or hinges. As a result, it takes longer and requires more effort for burglars to successfully break in. This makes it difficult for burglars to kick, pry, or force the door open.

High-Security Deadbolt Locks

High-security deadbolt locks use advanced mechanisms and keyway designs that make them exceptionally resistant to bumping and picking, two popular burglary strategies. These locks are made with creative features that prevent unauthorized tampering. High-security deadbolts, in contrast to normal locks, have longer, thicker bolts that, when activated, reach further into the door frame.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems take the trouble off of having to carry and store physical keys. Instead, authorized persons have other options for accessing the premises, such as utilizing a smartphone app or inputting a numerical code on an electronic keypad. You may add or remove users, control access rights, and view access history with ease. Businesses with fluctuating employees, limited regions, or security concerns might benefit from this flexibility.


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