4 Important Gardening Trends For 2024

4 Important Gardening Trends For 2024

While the winter seems only just to have gotten underway, gardening experts from across the UK are discussing the importance of getting outdoors right away. Aside from the fundamentals of gardening at this time of year, such as preparing the landscape for spring growth and ensuring that soil remains healthy through the frost, there are also a number of new garden trends to consider for the year ahead.

For those eager to get themselves outdoors and among their plants, we’re sharing four of the most important gardening trends that will come to both define the year and be immensely valuable to those who want their outdoor space to flourish.

Indoor And Outdoor Crossover

The classic distinction between the indoors of a home and its outdoor area is becoming increasingly blurred. Not only are more plants and garden features being welcomed into interior designs but indoor living spaces and its decor are becoming more frequently placed in the garden.

A great example of this can be found in houseplants. Traditionally, there have been a number of plants, such as succulents, that have been categorised as houseplants. However, now it is increasingly common (and on-trend) to have growboxes and greenhouses filled with succulents and houseplants in one’s garden. Additionally, outbuildings, such as log cabins, are bringing indoor living spaces outdoors, with residents using the structures to host guests, dine, and even work in their garden environments.

Embracing Peach Fuzz

With growing social media communities dedicated to garden designs, there is a greater awareness of which flowers and paints are most fashionable to use and, as Pantone announced their colour of the year to be Peach Fuzz, the warm glow of its pastel is now set to permeate into the garden design world.

Colours are also becoming more widely used among gardens, with the maximalist trend of living space interiors reaching gardens too. Painting plant pots, tiles, and even walls is becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger generations.


Being able to live off the land is a dream many have, especially if it means being off-grid or growing one’s own food. While this might not be entirely possible in an urban or even rural area, many modern gardens are doing their best to get as much out of their space as possible.

Growing one’s own produce is an easy and enjoyable way to utilise a garden space. Raised beds allow for vegetable patches to be established and kept clear from creeping weeds, enabling even beginner gardeners to grow and harvest their own food.

Circular Living

Extending from the growing interest in sustainability, this year, gardeners are looking for even more ways to embrace circular living at home. This concept means reducing or eliminating waste within the home. For a garden, this can be achieved by capturing rainwater and using what’s collected over a hosepipe. It can also mean installing solar panels or setting up a composting system, both of which will dramatically reduce carbon emissions of the property and help residents to become increasingly part of the circular economy.

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