9 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Be Cleaner Around the Home

9 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Be Cleaner Around the Home

For parents and caregivers, it’s often easier to simply clean the home without the help of the kids (since they rarely do a good job of it or meet our standards!), but getting them involved is always a good idea and can help them prepare better for the future. With this in mind, here are 9 tips to help you encourage your kids to be cleaner around the home:

  1. Start them off at a young age

Toddlers can carry out simple cleaning tasks from an early age, such as learning to pick up toys and put them away, or even do things that don’t actually clean but get them to learn the ropes instead, such as having them ‘wash’ the windows with a damp towel. As they get older and more confident, add more chores to your child’s daily routine.

  1. Teach them that new activities start after the last one is cleaned up

By teaching your child that only when they’ve cleared the last toys that they’ve played with away, can the next game or activity begin, you can prevent your home from being overwhelmed with toys and puzzle pieces.

  1. Have them bring dirty dishes to the sink

While very young children won’t be able to carry proper plates and bowls to the sink after dinner, they can at least be taught to take their own plastic plates and utensils to the sink once they’ve finished.

  1. Label their toy containers with pictures

Small children who can’t yet read will be able to tell from the pictures on the boxes, what toys go where, helping to keep the home tidier and preventing things from getting lost or mislaid.

  1. Teach them to remove their shoes and put them away

Getting your kids to remove their shoes in the same dedicated place as soon as they come in from school (or wherever they’ve been), helps to teach them good practices and prevents dirt and debris from being tracked throughout the home.

  1. Place a laundry basket in every room

If there’s a convenient place for kids to put their dirty clothes in, the chances are they’ll be more inclined to do so, so place a small laundry basket in each one of your kids rooms. You can also teach them that if something doesn’t get put in the laundry basket, it doesn’t get washed.

  1. Tell them that breakfast isn’t served until their bed is made

Making the bed is a small task that even smaller children can make an attempt at, and so by postponing breakfast until it’s done, you can at least make sure that one area of their bedroom is tidy!

  1. Make chores fun

Little kids love to mimic adults, and so by having them clean with you while also singing some songs and playing a couple of simple games, you can help them see house cleaning as something that they want to do, and one that gets them some quality fun time with their parent or caregiver.

  1. Never give up!

Getting your kids to help keep the home clean isn’t always easy, and for some, it’s impossible. It is, however, always worth persevering with, for your sake, and that of your child as they grow and enter the adult world.

For kids who refuse to tidy up after themselves or help around the home at all, it can be helpful to hire a maid service while you continue working on them, just to prevent your home from getting too dirty and cluttered.

Doris Casey

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