Building Control

Building Control

Building Control in London plays a vital role in ensuring that all construction work meets the necessary standards set by the Government’s Building Regulations. These regulations establish minimum requirements for health and safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency in buildings.

Our firm is dedicated to providing a professional and helpful service about building control. We make every effort to address applications promptly. However, it is important to note that our available resources and staffing capacities may limit the speed of our response. Nonetheless, we have a transparent policy that outlines our role and approach to enforcement, ensuring that all construction projects comply with the regulations.

It is essential to understand that obtaining planning permission and obtaining Building Regulations approval are distinct processes. Planning permission is required for new construction and any extensions or alterations made to existing properties. On the other hand, Building Regulations approval must be obtained before commencing any structural works. These regulations apply to a wide range of projects, from minor renovations to large-scale developments, and compliance is essential to ensure the safety and quality of the built environment.

Over time, London has developed its building bylaws, which eventually evolved into the modern form of Building Regulations issued by the national government. These regulations are supported by Approved Documents, which provide practical and technical guidance on achieving compliance. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial in demonstrating that a construction project meets all the requirements outlined by the Building Regulations.

We host agent forums at least twice a year to encourage open communication and address any concerns or questions professionals in the industry may have. These events allow representatives to engage directly with us and discuss planning and construction management services. Ambassadors and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in these events as they contribute to the continued development of our services and ensure that we meet the community’s needs. The next Agent Forum is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 2018.

In conclusion, building inspections in London are important in supporting the standards set by government building codes. Our firm is committed to providing a professional service that ensures compliance with these regulations, promoting safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency in construction projects. By obtaining the necessary approvals and adhering to the guidelines, we contribute to creating a built environment that meets the highest standards and serves the needs of our community.

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