Carpentry vs Woodworking: What Should You Know?

Carpentry vs Woodworking: What Should You Know?

Regarding people who professionally work using wooden materials, a question often posed is whether woodworkers and carpenters are the same. What really differentiates between these two seemingly similar professions?

Carpentry is emerging as a popular profession for many people. But if you want to work using wood, then you may find yourself choosing between woodworking as well as carpentry. Knowing what both of these careers entail can help you with making an informed choice about your career.

The Difference Between Woodworking and Carpentry

Irrespective of whether you choose to become a woodworker or a carpenter, you’ll find yourself working using wooden materials. However, this is the single similarity between these two career paths. Now let’s look at what these careers individually entail.

Who Are Carpenters?

Carpenters are also known as tradespeople. As a carpenter, you’ll find yourself working in construction sites. You may also need to travel to different domestic as well as commercial establishments in order to do maintenance and repair work. Carpenters need to know how to work with wooden framing, do trim work, and joisting, among other carpentry skills.

Working as a carpenter also means that you won’t have a say when it comes to the material that you work with. This is as either your contractor or your client will provide you with the materials you’ll be working with. When you’re executing your work, there will be various standards that you’ll need to adhere to. These standards are set in order to establish practices that are safe when it comes to processes related to carpentry.

You’ll also need to follow procedures as well as standards that have been set out. These procedures are created in order to establish a single method of working both safely as well as effectively.

You should also consider carpenters insurance. This is as your career makes you vulnerable to certain career risks. You could, for example, get sued by a client. With carpenters insurance, you can protect your career as well as your finances. If you want to learn more about carpenters insurance, then click here.

Who Are The Different Kinds of Carpenters?

There are several kinds of carpenters, including:

Rough Carpenters:

A carpenter is responsible for executing framing, roofing, as well as formwork. They may also need to work on structural operations.


A carpenter who works on parts is called joists. These are found on roofs as well as ceilings. You should know in-depth about structures that need to bear wooden loads.

Trim Carpenter:

As a trim carpenter, you’ll be responsible for adding trims as well as moldings to the corners of wooden structures. Your work will be ornamental, and you’ll be enhancing the appearance of the main frame.

Ship Carpenter:

This kind of carpenter is mainly employed on ships as well as boats. You will often find yourself working on the interior of ships.


You’ll be one of the earliest workers on buildings. You’ll start work after the foundations are laid. You’ll need to use blueprints and architectural designs presented to you to ensure that the frame of the building is accurate.


You’ll be working on roofs, installing tiles as well as shingles.

Who Is A Woodworker?

You’ll need to be interested in artistic expression if you want to be a woodworker. You may find yourself taking reclaimed wood Then, you’ll be turning that into art. You’ll need to know how to pay careful attention to everything that you do. You can either design your project yourself or work with a design that is already existing.

As a woodworker, you may need to familiarize yourself with what the different kinds of wood are. You will also be allowed to select your wood, and you can take as much time as you need to obtain your materials.

Who Are The Different Kinds of Woodworkers?

Here are the professions that tend to fall under woodworking:

Cabinet Maker:

Such a woodworker is also said to work in cabinetry. You’ll need to know about the different characteristics that wood has. You should also know whether wood will warp or not, and figure out a solution to the problem. A lot of the work you do will be using wooden veneers as well as finishing processes that use stains, varnishes as well as paints.


As a sculptor, you’ll be taking blocks of wood. Then you’ll be carving them into works of art.

Furniture Maker:

You’ll need to have skills when it comes to joining wooden components to create furniture pieces. You may need to work on creating dressers, tables, chairs, beds, sideboards, and more. You should also know how to work with wooden finishing.

Wood Engraver:

This is similar to sculpting, except that the subjects you’ll be working with will be small in their size. Sometimes they are microscopic as well. You’ll need to know how to work with magnifying equipment as well as tools that are small.

Wood Burning Art:

Some artists use burning of wood in order to create designs, images as well as patterns, on to the wood.


Carpentry and woodworking are very different professions. Use this guide to learn all about the differences between woodworking and carpentry.

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