Choosing the Right Kind of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Choosing the Right Kind of Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Roofing is one of the most important and crucial aspects that need to be decided with absolute care and attention. Especially, when it comes to that of commercial roofing, there are many things that one needs to pay attention to before going on with a specific roofing system. There are different types and forms of roofing available and one can go onto pick the one that best suits their needs, requirements, and budget on the whole.

5 types of roofing

The five different types of roofing are quite common and are extensively being used in a commercial setup. These roofing systems not only turn out to be reliable and trustworthy but also ensure to protect and ensure the safety and security of the building and people working under the commercial setup. The different type of roofing system consists of:

  • Single-ply membrane roofing
  • Built-up roofing that also includes that of asphalt, gravel, modified bitumen, and coal tar material
  • Metal roof slopes with high-rise
  • Liquid applied systems making use of high tech polymers

Metal roofing comes across as the world’s oldest form of the roofing system and it comes across as quite a popular method when compared to all other forms of roofing. These days, the low slope metal roofs are made out of corrugated galvanized steel and also a steel sheet that is perfectly coated with zinc.

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