Commercial Security Gates: Protects Your Premises From Intrusion

Commercial Security Gates: Protects Your Premises From Intrusion

Commercial security gates are used to protect businesses and facilities from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. These gates can be made of steel or aluminium and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. There are also many different types of gate openers available that work with your gate’s specific design and function.

Security gates are typically used on entryways that customers or employees regularly access. They can be installed at the main entrance to your property or around individual buildings or sections within the larger site. The type of gate you choose depends on what level of security you need for your facility or business.

Types of Commercial Security Gates

Commercial security gates are often the most commonly used form of gate. They are generally made from steel and have a variety of different styles, designs, and functions. Many different types of security gates can be installed. Some examples are:

  • Roller Shutter Gates

Roller shutter gates are large metal doors that roll up or down to cover the opening between two buildings or areas. These gates are usually found at entrances to factories and warehouses where there is high traffic coming in and out of the building. They are also used in parking lots to keep people from entering the property or parking lot without authorization.

  • Bollards

Bollards are short posts that act as barriers between sidewalks and roadways to prevent vehicles from driving onto sidewalks or through intersections when they shouldn’t be able to do so (such as during rush hour). They are also used in front of some store entrances and other places where vehicles may need to stop but shouldn’t get close enough to enter the building itself (such as at drive-thrus).

  • Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fences are also very common for commercial use. They can be used to protect almost anything that needs protecting including buildings, warehouses, storage areas, and more. Barbed wire fences are usually made from steel or aluminium and come in many different sizes and styles, including decorative fencing options as well as standard designs with no frills whatsoever.

  • Sliding Security Gates

Sliding security gates offer easy access for pedestrians and vehicles while still providing high levels of protection against anyone trying to break in or out of your business. This type of gate is great for outdoor entrances where you want to control who comes in and out as well as manage foot traffic through your property without slowing down traffic flow too much.

  • Vertical Lift Gate

These types of gates are very popular because they look great and are easy to install; however, they can be expensive depending on what kind of material you want them made out of (aluminum or steel). Vertical lift gates also require maintenance from time to time because the motor does have moving parts that need cleaning from time to time; otherwise, it may stop working properly or cause problems down the road when it comes time to replace it with another motor.

  • Cantilever gates

Cantilever gates are the most common type of commercial security gate. They consist of a vertical section and a horizontal section, which meet at a hinge. The horizontal section is usually hinged on the right side, but this can vary depending on your requirements. The hinge allows you to open and close the gate quickly and easily.

  • Chain Link Security Gates

Chain link is one of the most popular forms of commercial security gates because they are inexpensive and easy to install. They can also be customized with a range of different styles, colors, and designs. They are available in temporary and permanent models, but professionals should always install them because they can be very dangerous if improperly installed or maintained.

  • Manual Gate Openers

Manual gate openers are used on smaller commercial properties where there is no need for automated access control systems or automatic gate openers. These gates typically operate using a hand crank or lever on the side of the gate post, allowing someone inside your facility to open the entrance remotely from inside their office building instead of having to walk outside whenever someone wants in or out.

  • Automated Security Gates

These types of automated gates employ a combination of sensors and electronics to open and close. The most common type of automated gate uses a motorized arm that swings out when someone approaches and then swings back after they have passed through. These are popular because they allow people to enter without stopping and waiting for a guard or security officer to let them in.

  • Corrugated Metal Barriers

Corrugated metal barriers are made from sheets of corrugated steel that are bent into box shapes and then welded together at the seams. They’re very sturdy but also heavy and bulky, so they aren’t practical for use in high-traffic areas where you might have to move them frequently or store them away when not in use.

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Commercial security gates are important in the business world as they work to keep unauthorized people at bay while letting the right people through. They come in a number of configurations and types, so you may want to hire a company that can help you find what’s best for your needs.

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