Doing projects with Ipe wood

Doing projects with Ipe wood

When it comes to building a residential or professional organization, Ipe wood is the best option in terms of longevity and moisture resistance. In order to know what is Ipe wood, skim through the rest of the post for more details.

Other details

There are lots of wood types available but if it’s a high-quality product you wish for, the Ipe wood or epay or eppi wood is just what is meant for you.  The Ipe wood is native to South American and Central countries. It is a tropical hardwood and is becoming one of the best choices for making external furniture. It is also called eppi wood or epay wood. It is also known as Brazilian hardwood or Brazilian walnut. This tree also has flowers and its height is of one hundred and fifty feet.  The ipe hardwood lumber is also resistant to fire, humidity, insects, mold and decay. This is one of the best points in order to know more about Ipe lumber. The constructions which have Ipe siding are found mainly in coastal areas. This is because the natural oils found in the regions of coast are immune to mildew and decomposition.  However, there are many demerits also to Ipe wood. Since Ipe hardwood is so hard, the paint does not go in for well or it does not have other beautification purposes. The epay wood has a dark and uniform color because of the presence of the tight grains in it. In terms of price, teak is probably more expensive than Ipe hardwood. However, cedar and Ipe wood probably have the same prices so there cannot be any comparisons.  So, you can consider this wood for your projects in order to make your constructions visually appealing and client-friendly.

Inputs and highlights

The Ipe lumber is one of the best in the world because of its hardiness and durability. You cannot even think of comparing it with any kind of modified woodwork or synthetic materials. The Janka Hardness scale is a way of wood testing for durability and toughness. The Ipe wood ranks well in both counts and it has a great rating of stiffness and elasticity too. The best part about this type of wood is that the color is also quite lovely. The Brazilian shades boast of a darker hue of olive brown and excellent light colors. They can also be blends of visually appealing shades of brown grays and gray browns so you can choose your pick while finalizing your selections. If you wish to keep the purchased shade consistent, do not forget to use deck stain, say, once is every four to five years. Even without it, the color will turn to a pleasing shade of beautiful grey or silvery grey. All said and done, this kind of wood provides an excellent kind of functional usage when you are making your project and it looks good as well. So, you can consider Ipe lumber for your next construction.

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