Don’t Ignore 4 Signs That Warn You About Electrical Problems At Home

Don’t Ignore 4 Signs That Warn You About Electrical Problems At Home

One faulty wire can be all it takes to start a devastating electrical fire at home. As homeowners, we all know the dangers of electrical problems. Unfortunately not many know the signs that indicate electrical problems are becoming serious. Oftentimes accidents and tragedies need to occur before the electricians Ashburn VA is contacted.

To avoid harm and prevent electrical problems from causing serious damage and injury, watch out for the following signs:

#1: The Circuit Breaker Constantly Trips

The circuit breaker in our homes has one job: to prevent the overheating of a circuit by cutting the flow of electricity, hence preventing electric fires from starting. In homes where the circuit breaker continues to trip, it is a sign that something is wrong.

There are three main reasons why this happens:

First, one or more of the circuits is overloaded because appliances are drawing too much electricity.

Second, an appliance or one of the wires short-circuited and an electrician is required to inspect and repair these wires professionally.

Lastly, the circuit breaker itself is old and needs replacing before being used again.

Never force a circuit breaker to switch on if it continues to trip regularly. Call the electricians Ashburn VA for an inspection, diagnosis, and repairs to prevent electrical fires.

#2: A Persistent Burning Smell With No Obvious Source

The moment you smell something burning, the immediate reaction is to look for its source. In cases where the smell is caused by old and faulty wires that are short-circuiting, it can be hard to locate.

Just because you cannot find the source of the smell does not mean it is nothing. In fact, you should be more alarmed if the cause of the burning smell is not obvious. The majority of electrical fires in America are caused by short circuits, call the local electrician at once and allow them to trace the source of the smell before it leads to a fire.

#3: Charred Or Discolored Outlets And Switches

Another very clear sign that there is something wrong with the wires inside your home is the presence of charred or discolored outlets and switches. Old, loose, and faulty wiring cause a spark every time you use the outlet or switch. In time, the sparks will result in charring and when left unchecked, small sparks can lead to bigger ones that are enough to cause a fire at home.

#4: Old, Unchecked, And Outdated Wires

If it has been more than a decade since you last got the wires inside your home checked by a professional, it’s time to schedule one today. Wires get worn out which leads to sparks and short-circuiting. Homes that have a faulty and outdated wiring system should seriously consider letting a licensed electrician check for damages before a fire has the chance to break out.

Never ignore any of the signs mentioned above because one spark is all it takes for a fire to start. Get all of the wires and circuit breakers in your home checked today to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you need help with electrical for heating, residential electrical installations, security lighting, and other electrical concerns, contact Cedar Electrical Services and we’ll send our well-trained electricians Ashburn VA to help you.

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