Heat Pump and the Saving of Money and Energy

Heat Pump and the Saving of Money and Energy

In one of the simplest languages, heat pumps can be described as a pump that uses electricity and refrigerant to transfer the heat from one location to the other location. To give heat, the pumps function by extracting heat from the air that is outdoors of your home and transferring it to a refrigeration coolant. The coolant will be then compressed which increases the temperature mainly, the coolant is then transferred to the indoor unit of the heat pump which transfers air over the hot coolant, thereby increasing the temperature to support the thermostatic call for heat inside the house.

Heat Pumps and Installation –

You should choose a good heat pump company to install a heat pump in your home. There are 2 important parts in a heat pump – one is called a walled cassette that is mounted on the inside of your house and another is called a condenser that stays on the outside of your house. Through the refrigerant line, the wall cassette and condenser are connected. Several benefits are there of having a heat pump installed at your home. One of the biggest benefits is that heat pumps save money on energy and saves your money on energy costs. It is because the heat pump only uses electricity and it works more efficaciously.

Efficiency Meter of Heat Pumps –

You can get more information here on the use of heat pumps and it saves energy and money. So, when you use the traditional resistive electric heat like that of electric baseboard or space heaters, for example, the amount of heat that is produced is proportional to the amount of electricity that is used i.e., one unit of heat per unit of electricity. This is for 100 efficiency. When you use a heat pump, the efficiency meter goes up like anything because the electricity consumed is only used to or for fans – i.e. evaporator and condenser. Whereas compressor and pump are there they concentrate heat on the outdoors and bring it inside your house. So, for every unit of electricity, three units of heat are provided by the heat pumps.

For the installation or repair or maintenance of the heat pumps, you should call an experienced HVAC technician like the ones mentioned above.

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