How to Maintain Small and Large Garden Ponds with a Tiny Budget?

How to Maintain Small and Large Garden Ponds with a Tiny Budget?

Having a background pond at your home can be an excellent place for relaxation and a much cheaper way to enjoy your holidays with your near and dears. A pond undoubtedly transforms the scenery of your garden like nothing else. It also enhances the aesthetic pleasure of the place with fishes, frogs, dragonflies, and other birds flocking near it. This makes the sounds even more pleasurable unlike the din and noise of the city streets. However, ponds need maintenance and it can be done alone or with the help of agencies or you may do the same cheaply alone. Again, the maintenance cost depends upon the size of your pond and the type of pond that you have in your backyard. 

Ponds are built by people that suit their plot and their preferences. Natural ponds usually need space although you may still fit a smaller one in your spare space. There are fountain ponds, waterfall ponds, natural ponds, readymade ponds, etc. The readymade ponds are made out of artificial materials and need maintenance more frequently than the naturally designed pond. 

Maintaining Your Pond

If you have a small pond you may find it easier to clean although you may need to do it every year. If such ponds are readymade types you may have to clean them twice a year or more for you may need to scrub the bottom part of the liner. It doesn’t involve a lot of costs for you need to observe the water’s pH levels and your ponds filters and drains every week. 

In case you are residing in a cold region, you may need a heating system like the one given in the Pond heater review to keep your pond from freezing. Maintenance can get complicated if you have several features in your ponds. On the other hand, if you have fountains or waterfalls you can delay your maintenance as it helps to keep the water clean. 

If you have placed rocks and gravel at the bottom you may have to clean the same by filtering out the stagnant algae-infested water and bringing in fresh water with aid of a pump. You may not find it expensive although you may need to monitor your fish and the plants that grow within and outside the pond. 

Keep it Simple for Your Pond

If you wish to lower the cost of maintenance of your pond, you need to do a few things. Firstly, never buy too many fishes, and don’t feed them in excess. Too many fishes and excess food may kill the fish and you have to clean the pond. The next step is to find the right size pump and filter for your pond. Generally, it is seen that small ponds need a complete cleaning to remove the debris every five years, while the larger ponds will have to be cleaned every 10 years. 

You can use cheap barley straws for keeping your pond clean of algae and which is a better alternative to the beneficial bacteria you get to buy from the market. Keep things to the minimum to give the pond the optimum beauty for your garden. 

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