Khao Kho: A Dreamy Spot To Dwell

Khao Kho: A Dreamy Spot To Dwell

Khao Kho is a beautiful place in the Khao Kho district in Phetchabun province in northern Thailand. The beautiful Phetchabun mountains surround it. The place is renowned for the famous ‘sea of clouds’. Apart from being the favorite vacation spot, the scenic, naturally beautiful place is a dream place for nature lovers. People from all over Thailand who love living in valleys aspire to buy land in Khao Kho (ที่ดิน เขา ค้อ, which is the term in Thai) and own property there. We will discuss how to find and own a property in Khao Kho and what to expect there.

  • The Cottages That Look Like A European-Style Neighbourhood

If you have ever been to Europe and visited the countryside, you might have understood and imagined the beautiful localities in Khao Kho. Cottages, villas, castle-type houses, condominiums, you name it, they have it there. You will feel like you are in the European countryside, just as they show in movies, spectacular and tranquil.

  • Cost Of Purchase

If you are a Thai citizen, you can easily buy land in any locality. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand but can have a house there; this states the new law. Talking about the cost of land and other properties ranges from 3 to 6 M Baht.

  • How To Find The Best Property In Khao Kho

You can look for properties online, or if you are lucky enough and can make time, you can visit the place and see if any property owner is willing to sell their property, but honestly, it doesn’t work generally. Property agents can help you find the best property and deals. Surf the internet, look for registered property dealers and real estate companies, and you will be sorted.

  • What To Expect

You can expect almost any kind of property in Khao Kho. be it minimal cottages, hustling condominiums, castle-style villas, and much more. The environment is calm and tranquil, so you can easily feel at ease with the locality, and the real estate setups make every possible convenience available.

Almost everything is beautiful in Khao Kho, nature, architecture, scenic roads, and greenery; everything is worth the time and investment you will give in to have a property in Khao Kho. The famous Khao Kho to Bangkok driveway is worth the hype due to its natural charm.


Khao Kho is a place full of charm and convenience. Its naturally beautiful environment makes it a dream place to live in for nature lovers. Although it is a good vacation spot, what if you wake up every morning in such a place? Taking land or property in Khao Kho is worth the hype.

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