One of the Best Places to Invest Your Money: Kovan Jewel

One of the Best Places to Invest Your Money: Kovan Jewel

Everyone’s dream is to buy a home or invest in a property. Many people are there who even buy foreign properties for investment purposes and others. One of the benefits of buying a property in a foreign land is that, when you visit there, you have a place to stay. That’s one of the biggest benefits of investing in properties outside. If you stay in Singapore or travel to Singapore for business trips or other vacation trips, one of the best things that you can do is to invest some bucks in kovan jewel. Kovan Jewel is a free-hold condominium development which is being done by Soon Liam Realty.

Beauty of Kovan Roads – Kovan Jewel –

There are many good things that you will know about the Kovan Jewel. Firstly, the Kovan Jewel is one of the major landmarks that will figure in the horizon profile of the Kovan Road. You can get several advantages by buying a property on the Kovan Jewel. The property will be located on the Kovan Road. The property that will be constructed on the Kovan Road will consist of 34 units. Besides all of that, it is projected to be a 99-year leasehold property. Another best part that you will know about the kovan jewel condo is that it offers great views of the greenery.

Highlights of Kovan Jewel –

Let’s look at some of the sui generis (unique) highlights of the Kovar jewels. The Kovan Jewels are extremely accessible. It is a few minutes that is approximately 6 minutes’ walk to the MRT station at Kovan. It is also one stop away from Serangoon and Hougang interchanges. Besides that, Kovan Jewel is one of the rarest free-hold development plans. Here at Kovan Jewel, you can have a low-rise private life. You can get all types of bedrooms here, from 1 to 3 to 4, including penthouses and ground houses too.

The Best Facilities at Kovan Jewel –

Some of the best facilities that you will get in Kovan Jewel are a super BBQ, then there is a fun pool, a function room is also there, you can also get a gym and a Jacuzzi. Apart from that, you also have a lap pool and a pavilion too. Kovan Jewel is lushly landscaped, and besides that, it is also pedestrian-friendly and eco-friendly. Besides all of that, there are also many public transportation options that are available in the Kovan Jewel. So, this will allow the residents of the Kovan Jewel to use the transportation easily without the need to walk any distance. It’s a 6-minute walk to the MRT station.

Amenities and Others –

There are several bus stops that are close to the Kovan Jewel Condo. You can also get many amenities there. Also, the schools and well-known institutes are located nearby the Kovan Jewel. So, it can be easy for you to drop your child off at school, and since there is station available like bus stations and other modes of transportation, dropping your child off at school will be very simple and easy. Medical centers, supermarkets, and shopping outlets are also nearby. Besides that, Kovan Jewel is located in the heart of the town, from where everything is easily accessible. 

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