Standard Attic Ladder VS Concertina Ladder

Standard Attic Ladder VS Concertina Ladder

The attic is commonly a room for storing seasonal materials and used things that are not so much needed but are too valuable to throw away. Regardless of how much it is only a stockroom and is barely visited, it is still necessary to install an attic ladder to have a smooth passage towards the area for less inconvenience.

Standard attic and concertina ladders are two of the well-used unique materials for enhanced accessibility to a home’s attic. But what makes them different, and which is more convenient to use?

Standard Attic Ladders

This attic ladder is manufactured from wood materials that are heavier than aluminium. The standard attic ladders are commonly those that are called timber ladders since most of them are made from wood. They are retractable stairways that you can pull down to access the attic and then fold into the ceiling frame when unnecessary.

They are known for their reliability as they can withstand heavy loads, making them safer than other attic ladders created from different materials.

Their only drawback is that they are only recommended for indoor use and cost a lot, considering their weight and vulnerability to weather damage.

Concertina Ladders

This loft ladder is the one you mainly see that is directly attached to the ceiling and has a pull-down rope. But what makes a concertina ladder different from a standard attic ladder is that they are designed to be packed. It requires only minimal vertical clearance; hence, it is suitable for homes with compact spaces.

A concertina ladder is commonly manufactured in aluminium, which covers many benefits, such as:

Lightweight –

Attic ladders with this factor are easy to install and access. Considering it is not too heavy, you do not need a set of muscles to pull them down.

Durable –

Regardless of how feathery it is, it is still sturdy. It can endure any heavy load that provides support to you.

Corrosive-resistant –

This aspect is one of the most fundamental as it lessens the need for sustenance.

Budget-friendly –

This is another factor that could help you save money.

Final Remarks

Based on Attic Plus, a well-known company that offers all attic necessities, choosing the perfect attic ladder for your home is critical. You must weigh all your inquiries between the factors of each type, style, and size of this loft access staircase. Hence, all the above factors make a standard attic and concertina ladder divergent.

While a professional can always help you make smart decisions, being knowledgeable is essential as it will help you choose the best one for your needs and preferences. It will also guide you to avoid spending excessively on materials and labour and waste time and effort.

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