Super Cute Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

Super Cute Feature Wall Ideas For Your Living Room

Do you want to revamp the way your walls look? Those stark walls hide a wealth of opportunity, and with enough TLC, any house can become a welcoming home. If you’re ready to turn those bare walls into stylish features of your house, read on! No matter what style you’re going for, the advice we provide here will help you freshen up your walls in a way that’s uniquely yours. Whether you’re an art collector, an outdoorsman, or a bibliophile, your walls may be customized to showcase your interests. You’ll find 27 ideas to spruce up your walls and make your home seem more put together.

Pick something with a grand scale.

If you’re trying to set the tone in a small space, a huge painting or photograph will work far better than anything else. A vibrant abstract painting, like the one seen above in Manhattan resident Taylor Rooks’ bedroom, is a great way to inject some color into an otherwise muted space. There’s also the option of hanging a monochrome portrait on the wall. Choosing the right wallpaper designs is essential here.

Hang a gallery on the wall.

A gallery wall is the most effective method to add character and vibrancy to any space. Show off your art collection, hang some wall hangings, or add some other wall décor. You may go for basic, consistent frames, or you can add in some fancy variations to spice things up! One trick is to extend the gallery wall up to the ceiling, which creates the illusion of additional space.

Plan to use a focal wall in your layout.

It’s not only about what you hang on the walls; you may also decorate the walls themselves. A wall painted in a bright, eye-catching color may serve as an accent wall, or you can add a pattern to the wall with wallpaper, stencils, or any number of other inventive painting techniques. (While you’re at it, think about making some changes to your ceiling.) The impact of these kinds of aesthetic details may be amplified in a confined space. When choosing the wallpaper for living room walls you need the best there.

Describe a fabric that you’re showcasing.

A wall hanging or tapestry may bring colour and pattern to an otherwise dull space while also creating an inviting atmosphere. It’s a nice idea to frame beautiful materials like antique scarves. You might consider them over framed paintings for your next relocation since they will be much easier to handle and carry.

Observe yourself in the mirrors you hang.

In a tiny space, mirrors may reflect light and provide the illusion of more space and brightness. You may hang one huge mirror or display many smaller ones in a salon configuration. A mural painted on one of your walls might transport you to another era or another place. Whether you decide to hand-paint it or cover it with a wall covering, the theme will have a major impact.

Tricks for Making a Small Space Look Like It Belongs in a Design Magazine

No more worrying about where to put bookshelves on the floor as you can always install part of them on the wall. Put up some wall-to-wall floating shelves and use them to showcase your hardcover book library, your tiny sculpture collection, and any other knickknacks you have.

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